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Backed by a heritage of honest business ethics, integrity, trust, transparency, and credibility, Neemsboro Group’s foremost passion is protecting nature, saving our environment, and then earning profit

We are a team of strategists and thought leaders who operate without compromising on our core values, for the benefit of our customers, to develop premium investment opportunities that promise value and good returns on investment. We aim to work with progressive people to build a profitable and sustainable business. Persistent long term planning and unquestionable service have set us apart.

Discover The Profitable And Versatile Nature Of Vacant Lands

Top Real estate Company In Hyderabad

Being an absolute strength to NEEMSBORO, Sri G.V.N. Murali Krishna has carved a niche for himself in the realty sector.

The Neemsboro Group is a well-respected real estate and construction company led by the visionary legend Sri G.V.N. Murali Krishna. With nearly 28 years of experience in the industry, he has established a strong foundation of professional principles and business ethics that has helped to make the NEEMSBORO Group a top competitor in the market.

As a leader, he believes in integrity, commitment, and quality. A thorough professional, competent administrator, and a great motivator, he is equally liked and respected by his staff and customers. He is committed to creating new and progressive approaches to NEEMSBORO’s services and contributing to the development of the customer’s lifestyle. He has the foresight to explore new opportunities and embrace change while making the most of it.

His success can be measured by the sheer volume of his loyal customer base. He truly believes in making the impossible possible.

Best Real estate Company In Hyderabad

Sri G.V.N. Murali Krishna


Who We Are

We aim to work with progressive people to build a profitable and sustainable business.. Persistent long term planning and unquestionable service have set us apart.

We prioritise open communication, and ethical practices in every transaction, ensuring our clients can trust us implicitly with their property needs.

We prioritize open communication, deliver on promises, and consistently go the extra mile to build enduring relationships based on trust and confidence.
Land is one of the most overlooked and misunderstood real estate investments. It’s an unfortunate misconception, because the truth is – vacant land is capable of producing some serious cash flow and it’s one of the best investments on earth because of its hands-off nature and versatility.

To create a safe and profitable investment model with our core strengths of farming and land development.

We envision the creation of a sustainable and profitable business model which can create value and support economic and environmental initiatives for all stakeholders, individual investors and future generations.

With a keen understanding of modern living trends, we curate properties that elevate the lifestyle experience, ensuring every detail complements the unique needs and tastes of our clientele.

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